Helping You and Your Company Stay Ahead

Globalization, digitization and prevailing conditions have ushered in an environment marked with greater levels of competition. More than ever, the quest to keep and maintain market shares is inducing organizations and leaders to think and be different.


It’s implication? There is the need to have more holistic managers capable of addressing the various needs of organizations, namely: healthy margins and bottom line, marketability of products and services, competitiveness in pricing and quality delivery to customers among others. These are coupled with pressures to maintain an agile organization that meet the needs of customers, stakeholders and employees alike.


As new trends and concerns emerge, so is the need for constantly equipping leaders with tools and concepts that will help them stay ahead.


For over five years now, the First Pacific Leadership Academy or FPLA has been living up to its name – literally – of being the “Academy for Leaders” coming from very diverse fields. It has become a learning haven where today’s industry leaders converge to be equipped and learn from one another. FPLA has been the home for the learning and development needs of various multinational companies, BPOs, pharmaceutical, construction, telecommunication companies as well as utility firms, international and local NGOs, school & universities, banks manufacturing among others.


“We have championed thought leadership by offering public seminars and talks on topics that matter, and customizing organization-specific interventions depending on their needs,” said FPLA’s General Manager and Executive Director, Roy Agustin K. Evalle.


The Academy’s Corporate Series is a succession of learning events in a classroom environment that aim to develop people in leadership and management roles. These programs are carefully designed based on industry best practices, in consultation with our wide pool of subject-matter experts. These sessions aim to deliver effective changes that bring about lasting positive results for the participant’s organization.


The First Pacific Leadership Academy offers the following courses:


  • The Discipline of Personal Change (Leveraging Your Company to Greatness); a two-day workshop designed to provide tools for leaders at any organization level – Experienced Managers, Human Resource Professionals, Project Managers, New Leaders and Managers, Individual Contributors, Leaders and Executives – to be individual and collective contributors to a culture of organizational greatness. It engages the person to explore leadership practices that will influence the kind of change that unleashes the organization’s potential to go beyond the average and become great.


  • From Ordinary to Exemplar (Commitments of an Exemplar Leader); a two-day learning intervention that enables participants, who are primarily mid-level supervisors and people managers, to understand their critical impact on their direct reports. As such, leaders are encouraged to walk their talk as they build and expand their personal plans on being effective leaders.


  • From Planning To Execution (The Discipline of Getting Things Done); a two-day leadership course is designed to equip leaders with the practices and processes that will enable them to effectively manage, execute, and monitor their plans and goals. The course emphasizes the critical “discipline that is demanded of execution.” The art of execution rests on three essential processes, namely: people process, strategy process and operations process.


  • Maneuvering Through Uncertainties; grounded on the work of Collins and Hansen’s “Great by Choice”, the course highlights the significance of discipline and action in relation to organizational greatness despite uncertain times.


  • Champions of Change; the course will take the leader through the essential steps to initiate and manage change at various organizational levels. Rooted in the work of John Kotter, "Leading Change", it highlights the role leaders need to take to bring transformation to their respective organizations.  


The C-series courses are typically offered for the public at FPLA’s Campus in Antipolo City, but may also be customized and offered off-site to the host company.


Located along Sumulong Highway and nestled along the sloping hills of Antipolo, FPLA has hotel-type accommodations that helps leaders feel rejuvenated after taking-in invaluable lessons in class. Furthermore, leaders can enjoy other amenities such as the chapel, gym, basketball court and swimming; or commune with nature through our gardens and mini rainforest; or simply, enjoy mouth-watering world-class and modern cuisine at Tipulo.


 “Don’t be left behind the competition. Equip yourself with appropriate tools that will help you rise and your organization rise above the competition,” advised Evalle to corporate professionals. FPLA’s roster of HR experts is here to help you face the various challenges.


For more information, call FPLA at 696-3051 or e-mail:  nmtsayno@fpacademy.net. You may also visit its website:  www.fpacademy.net. FPLA is located at Km. 27 Sumulong Highway, Antipolo City.