Step Up! Summer Youth Camp

Aristotle once said, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” And so, according to Jeremy Pintor, FPLA’s Head for Executive Education, Innovation and Creative Programs, there’s no better age to discover and explore the “self” than during adolescence.


Helping to mold the next generation of leaders, First Pacific Leadership Academy (FPLA), the first Corporate University in the country, hosted a two-day self-discovery workshop for the youth, titled “Step Up! Summer Youth Camp.”


Held May 6 -7, 2016 at the FPLA university grounds in Antipolo, 29 campers came together to make new friends and realize their potential. The summer camp, facilitated by Pintor, offered a rare opportunity for young adults to explore, understand and discover their strengths and weaknesses as individuals, through engaging team-based exercises and activities.


“The camp’s design is original to FPLA. It considers the various needs of the designed audience, teens. Although the camp makes use of some activities found in camps elsewhere, the sequence of these activities and the level of processing are unique to First Pacific Leadership Academy,” explains Pintor. “The camp is hinged on FPLA’s approach to design, where everything is anchored on a clear set of objectives and expected results. FPLA’s signature also balances fun and learning with immense processing to cement lessons learned from various activities.”

The talks, assessment, group-think, and team-building activities were specially developed to address three key areas in development: knowledge, skills and attitude. Together, these three values aim to help young individuals gain a deeper understanding of what values are and their importance, relate and work better with other youth to accomplish shared goals, and increase their openness to try out new things.

“The world is moving extremely fast, at a pace never before seen in previous generations. Technology and many other things continue to evolve, and riding the tide of change is often a challenge in itself. This is the reason why we designed a camp anchored on self-discovery, which is the primary objective of the workshop. While all things may change, we hope that values and self-discovery are the strong anchors that will keep a person grounded and firm amidst these changes,” he ends.